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Fusion and the Z Pinch

A device called the Z machine has led to a new way of triggering controlled fusion with intense nanosecond bursts of x-rays

By Gerold Yonas

Low-Back Pain

Low-back pain is at epidemic levels. Although its causes are still poorly understood, treatment choices have improved, with the body's own healing power often the most reliable remedy

By Richard A. Deyo

Monitoring and Controlling Debris in Space

The path from Sputnik to the International Space Station has been littered with high-tech refuse, creating an environmental problem in outer space

By Nicholas L. Johnson

Irrigating Crops with Seawater

As the world's population grows and freshwater stores become more precious, researchers are looking to the sea for the water to irrigate selected crops

By Edward P. Glenn, J. Jed Brown and James W. O'Leary


These tiny, enigmatic crystals hold promise both for industry and for the study of how diamond grows

By Rachael Trautman, Brendan J. Griffin and David Scharf

The Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793

One of the first major epidemics of the disease in the U.S., it devastated America's early capital. It also had lasting repercussions for the city and country

By Kenneth R. Foster, Mary F. Jenkins and Anna Coxe Toogood


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