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How Limbs Develop

A protein playfully named Sonic hedgehog is one of the long-sought factors that dictate the pattern of limb development

By Robert D. Riddle and Clifford J. Tabin

Cichlids of the Rift Lakes

The extraordinary diversity of cichlid fishes challenges entrenched ideas of how quickly new species can arise

By Melanie L. J. Stiassny and Axel Meyer

A Multifractal Walk down Wall Street

The geometry that describes the shape of coastlines and the patterns of galaxies also elucidates how stock prices soar and plummet

By Benoit B. Mandelbrot

The Way to Go in Space

To go farther into space, humans will first have to figure out how to get there cheaply and more efficiently. Ideas are not in short supply

By Tim Beardsley

The Puzzle of Hypertension in African-Americans

Genes are often invoked to account for why high blood pressure is so common among African-Americans. Yet the rates are low in Africans. This discrepancy demonstrates how genes and the environment interact

By Richard S. Cooper, Charles N. Rotimi and Ryk Ward


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