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The 1998 National Medal of Technology

Visualizing Human Embryos

A technique called magnetic resonance microscopy is revealing the secrets of early human development

By Bradley R. Smith

The Komodo Dragon

On a few small islands in the Indonesian archipelago, the world's largest lizard reigns supreme

By Claudio Ciofi

Global Climate Change on Venus

Venus's climate, like Earth's, has varied over time-the result of newly appreciated connections between geologic activity and atmospheric change

By Mark A. Bullock and David H. Grinspoon

A Little Big Bang

A new collider will soon create matter as dense and hot as in the early universe

By Madhusree Mukerjee

The Timing of Birth

A hormone unexpectedly found in the human placenta turns out to influence the timing of delivery. This and related findings could yield much needed ways to prevent premature labor...

By Roger Smith

The Crash in the Machine

Increasingly, automakers are relying on computer simulations of accidents to develop safer cars more quickly and efficiently

By Michael Holzner, Stefan Thomke and Touraj Gholami

The Metamorphosis of Andrei Sakharov

The inventor of the Soviet hydrogen bomb became an advocate of peace and human rights. What led him to his fateful decision?

By Gennady Gorelik


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    The Elite Inventions

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  • Anti Gravity

    Feathers, Flight and Faith

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago: Einstein's Influence, Astronomy and Political Science and Invention of the Air Raid

  • In Brief

    In Brief

  • Profile

    Humans Unite!

  • Mathematical Recreation

    The Synchronicity of Firefly Flashing

  • Amateur Scientist

    A Homemade High-Precision Thermometer

  • Science and the Citizen

    On the Origins of Subspecies

  • Death to Sperm Mitochondria

  • Revenge of the Wimps

  • By the Numbers

    Divorce, American-Style

  • Working Knowledge

    Ice-Resurfacing Machines

  • Connections

    Lend me your Ear

  • Cyber View

    The Best Things in Cyberspace Are Free

  • Field Notes

    Crimes Against Nature

  • Technology and Business

    This Old Space Station

  • Green is Good

  • Rushing the Double-Gate

  • Oil on Water

  • In Focus

    Rx For B and C

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