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XML and the Second-Generation Web

The combination of hypertext and a global Internet started a revolution. A new ingredient, XML, is poised to finish the job

By Jon Bosak and Tim Bray


Its awesome fury cannot be diminished, but lessons learned from a rash of disasters this decade--and a new way to track these killer waves--will help save lives

By Frank I. Gonz¿lez

Unmasking Black Holes

Until recently, the evidence for black holes was circumstantial. Now astronomers may have direct proof: energy is vanishing from volumes of space without a trace

By Jean-Pierre Lasota

New Nerve Cells for the Adult Brain

Contrary to dogma, the human brain does produce new nerve cells in adulthood. Can our newfound capacity lead to better treatments for neurological diseases?

By Gerd Kempermann and Fred H. Gage

Ada and the First Computer

The collaboration between Ada, countess of Lovelace, and computer pioneer Charles Babbage resulted in a landmark publication that described how to program the world's first computer

By Betty Alexandra Toole and Eugene Eric Kim

The Andaman Islanders

The aboriginal inhabitants of a stretch of islands near India offer a fascinating glimpse into the way of life of traditional hunter-gatherers. But how long will this window to our past remain open?

By Sita Venkateswar


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