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Mapping the Universe

Using techniques drawn from the analysis of music, astronomers have been studying how galaxies form into progressively larger groupings

By Stephen D. Landy

Hypersearching the Web

With the volume of on-line information in cyberspace growing at a breakneck pace, more effective search tools are desperately needed. A new technique analyzes how Web pages are linked together

By Members of the Clever Project

How the Body Tells Left from Right

The precise orientation of our internal organs- and those of all other animals with a backbone -is controlled in part by proteins that are produced on only one side of an embryo

By Juan Carlos Izpisa Belmonte

Image-Guided Surgery

Virtual-reality technology is giving surgeons the equivalent of x-ray vision, helping them to remove tumors more effectively, to minimize surgical wounds and to avoid damaging critical tissues

By Ferenc A. Jolesz, Peter McL. Black, Ron Kikinis and W. Eric L. Grimson

Biological Warfare against Crops

Intentionally unleashing organisms that kill an enemy's food crops is a potentially devastating weapon of warfare and terrorism

By Malcolm Dando, Paul Rogers and Simon Whitby

Gödel and the Limits of Logic

Mathematical genius Kurt Gödel was devoted to rationality in his work but struggled with it in his personal life

By John W. Dawson


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