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Genetic Vaccines

Vaccines crafted from genetic material might one day prevent AIDS, malaria and other devastating infections that defy current immunization technologies. They may even help treat cancer

By David B. Weiner and Ronald C. Kennedy

Life's Far-Flung Raw Materials

Life may owe its start to complex organic molecules manufactured in the icy heart of an interstellar cloud

By Max P. Bernstein, Scott A. Sandford and Louis J. Allamandola

Looking Back at Apollo

On the 30th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing, digital reproductions of the Apollo photographs show the moon as the astronauts saw it

The Mystery of Nucleon Spin

A new generation of experiments promises to pin down more of the still uncertain internal structure of protons and neutrons

By Klaus Rith and Andreas Schäfer

The Future of Fuel Cells

The obstacles to building practical fuel cells are numerous, but continued innovation and skillful engineering could make them competitive

The Power Plant in your Basement

In the past, stationary fuel cells were megawatt behemoths, designed for the electric utilities. Now they are being shrunk for homes and other modest applications

By Alan C. Lloyd

Replacing the Battery in Portable Electronics

Batteries are cumbersome and expensive. Miniature fuel cells could supplant them in cellular phones, laptop computers, camcorders and other consumer products

By Christopher K. Dyer


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