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The Future of Computing

M.I.T.'s Laboratory for Computer Science is developing a new infrastructure for information technologies--the Oxygen system--that promises to realize a vision long held by the lab's director: helping people do more by doing less

By Michael L. Dertouzos

Talking with Your Computer

Speech-based interfaces may soon allow computer users to retrieve data and issue instructions without lifting a finger

By Victor Zue

Raw Computation

One of the main engines of the Oxygen project is the Raw microchip, which has wiring that can be automatically reprogrammed for different tasks

By Anant Agarwal

Communications Chameleons

Multipurpose communications systems will be the links of tomorrow's wireless computer networks

By John V. Guttag

The Lurking Perils of Pfiesteria

This minute creature has been implicated in dramatic fish kills and has hurt people. But its most publicized actions may not be the most damaging. More subtle effects are raising new concerns

By JoAnn M. Burkholder

Detecting Massive Neutrinos

A giant detector in the heart of Mount Ikenoyama in Japan has demonstrated that the neutrino metamorphoses in flight, strongly suggesting that these ghostly particles have mass

By Edward Kearns, Takaaki Kajita and Yoji Totsuka

The Moral Development of Children

It is not enough for kids to tell right from wrong. They must develop a commitment to acting on their ideals. Enlightened parenting can help

By William Damon


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