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The Human Impact on Climate

How much of a disruption do we cause? The much-awaited answer could be ours by 2050, but only if nations of the world commit to long-term climate monitoring now

By Thomas R. Karl and Kevin E. Trenberth

Rise of the Robots

By 2050 robot "brains" based on computers that execute 100 trillion instructions per second will start rivaling human intelligence

By Hans Moravec

Is there Life Elsewhere in the Universe?

The answer is: nobody knows. Scientists' search for life beyond Earth has been less thorough than commonly thought. But that is about to change

By Jill C. Tarter and Christopher F. Chyba

How the Brain Creates the Mind

Philosophers, neuroscientists and laypeople have long wondered how the conscious mind comes to be. A more complete understanding of the workings of the brain ought to lead to an eventual solution

By Antonio R. Damasio

Exploring Our Universe and Others

In the 21st century cosmologists will unravel the mystery of our universe's birth-and perhaps prove the existence of other universes as well

By Martin Rees

Deciphering the Code of Life

The study of all the genes of various organisms will yield answers to some of the most intriguing questions about life

By Francis S. Collins and Karin G. Jegalian

Can Human Aging be Postponed?

In theory, it certainly can. Yet no single elixir will do the trick. Antiaging therapies of the future will undoubtedly have to counter many destructive biochemical processes at once

By Michael R. Rose


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