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The Galileo Mission to Jupiter and Its Moons

Few scientists thought that the Galileo spacecraft, beset by technical troubles, could conduct such a comprehensive study of the Jovian system. And few predicted that the innards of these worlds would prove so varied

By Torrence V. Johnson

Digital Materials and Virtual Weathering

The next step in creating more realistic computer-generated images is the development of better models of the physical structures of materials and their degradation by the environment

By Julie Dorsey and Pat Hanrahan

Melting Below Zero

New research shows how a layer of water on the surface of ice—even at temperatures well below freezing—can influence everything from the slipperiness of a skating rink to the electrification of thunderclouds

By John S. Wettlaufer and J. Greg Dash

The Early Origins of Autism

New research into the causes of this baffling disorder is focusing on genes that control the development of the brain

By Patricia M. Rodier

Capturing Greenhouse Gases

Sequestering carbon dioxide underground or in the deep ocean could help alleviate concerns about climate change

By Howard Herzog, Baldur Eliasson and Olav Kaarstad

Transparent Animals

Ingenious physiological accommodations have evolved to enable a stunning variety of undersea creatures to be remarkably transparent

By Sönke Johnsen

Uprooting the Tree of Life

About 10 years ago scientists finally worked out the basic outline of how modern life-forms evolved. Now parts of their tidy scheme are unraveling

By W. Ford Doolittle


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