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The Discovery of Brown Dwarfs

Less massive than stars but more massive than planets, brown dwarfs were long assumed to be rare. New sky surveys, however, show that the objects may be as common as stars.

By Gibor Basri

Building a Brainier Mouse

By genetically engineering a smarter than average mouse, scientists have assembled some of the central molecular components of learning and memory

By Joe Z. Tsien

The 1999 National Medal of Technology

The latest winners of the nation's highest honors for innovation are celebrated for outstanding contributions to the growth and commercialization of the Internet, biotechnology, pattern recognition and more

Quantum Teleportation

The science-fiction dream of "beaming" objects from place to place is now a realityat least for particles of light

By Anton Zeilinger


  • Fireballs of Free Quarks

  • A Three-Billion-Year Memoir

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: Einstein, the H-Bomb and Whale Harpoons

  • Understanding Clinical Trials

  • The Aleutian Kayak

  • Monitoring Earth's Vital Signs

  • Mind Reading This?

  • From the Editor

    Quantum Bits and Boats

  • Letters

    The Mail

  • Advances


  • Insides Out

  • Wonders

    The Lion Emperors

  • In Brief

    So you want to start a family...

  • Profile

    A Greene Universe

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Counting the Cattle of the Sun

  • Amateur Scientist

    A Furnace in a Thermos

  • Science and the Citizen

    Car Parts from Chickens

  • Throwing in the Tower

  • Outbreak Not Contained

  • Power to the PC

  • A Taste for Science

  • Two Places at Once

  • Morticians Beware

  • Budget Boost

  • The Fifth Taste

  • By the Numbers

    Women and the Professions

  • Working Knowledge

    Cleaning Agents

  • Connections

    Water Music

  • Departments

    Who Were the Neandertals?

  • Cyber View

    Who Wants Privacy?

  • Technology and Business

    Rules of the Game

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April 2000

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