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The Discovery of Brown Dwarfs

Less massive than stars but more massive than planets, brown dwarfs were long assumed to be rare. New sky surveys, however, show that the objects may be as common as stars.

By Gibor Basri

Building a Brainier Mouse

By genetically engineering a smarter than average mouse, scientists have assembled some of the central molecular components of learning and memory

By Joe Z. Tsien

The 1999 National Medal of Technology

The latest winners of the nation's highest honors for innovation are celebrated for outstanding contributions to the growth and commercialization of the Internet, biotechnology, pattern recognition and more

Quantum Teleportation

The science-fiction dream of "beaming" objects from place to place is now a realityat least for particles of light

By Anton Zeilinger

Understanding Clinical Trials

The journey from initial medical research to the bottle in your family's medicine cabinet is complex, time consuming and expensive. Can the clinical trial process be refined?

By Justin A. Zivin

The Aleutian Kayak

The Aleuts built the baidarka to suit their life as hunters on the open ocean. The sophisticated design of this kayak is still not entirely understood

By George B. Dyson

Monitoring Earth's Vital Signs

A new NASA satellite—one of a fleet called the Earth Observing System—is using five state-of-the-art sensors to diagnose the planet's health like never before

By Michael D. King and David D. Herring


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