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Reading the Bones of La Florida

New approaches are offering insight into the lives of Native Americans after the Europeans arrived. Their health declined not only because of disease but because of their altered diet and living circumstances

By Clark Spencer Larsen

Dwarf Galaxies & Starbursts

Diminutive galaxies occasionally experience spectacular bursts of star formation. These starbursts are giving astronomers a glimpse of the universe's early history

By Sara C. Beck

Children of the Gun

How do you make a child into a killer? Armed groups worldwide have developed a grim routine: abduct children from their families, inure them to abuse and "promote" them into combat

By Christine M. Knudsen and Neil G. Boothby

Cell Communication: The Inside Story

The tiny cells in our bodies harbor amazing internal communication networks. Understanding how those circuits are organized couldhelp scientists develop new therapies for many serious disorders

By John D. Scott and Tony Pawson

Supply and Demand

With a few hundred machine guns and mortars, a small army can take over an entire country, killing and wounding hundreds of thousands


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