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Operating on a Beating Heart

Coronary bypass surgery can be a lifesaving operation. Two new surgical techniques should make the procedure safer and less expensive

By Cornelius Borst

The Power of Memes

Behaviors and ideas copied from person to person by imitation--memes--may have forced human genes to make us what we are today

By Susan Blackmore

NABADA: The Buried City

Excavations in northern Syria reveal the metropolis of Nabada, founded 4,500 years ago. Its elaborate administration and culture rivaled those of the fabled cities of southern Mesopotamia

By Joachim Bretschneider

Better Decisions through Science

Math-based aids for making decisions in medicine and industry could improve many diagnosesoften saving lives in the process

By John A. Swets, Robyn M. Dawes and John Monahan


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