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The Convergence

Cloning Noah's Ark

By Robert P. Lanza, Betsy L. Dresser and Philip Damiani

The Future of Digital Entertainment

By Mark Fischetti

Music Wars

Internet distribution of quality d-audio is rapidly being perfected, but the precedent-setting legal battles have just begun

By Ken C. Pohlmann

Moviemaking in Transition

Digital video cameras and editing equipment are transforming the way movies are made-and even which movies get made

By Peter Broderick

Digital Cinema is for Reel

Digital projection works, but it's not at a theater near you-yet

By Peter D. Lubell

Digital Humans Wait in the Wings

Characters, scenes and entire movies have been crafted digitally. But can animators create realistic humans to star in computer-generated films? Actors want to know

By Alvy Ray Smith

Your Own Virtual Storyworld

True interactive entertainment will arise once engineers and artists create virtual realities that can unfold improvisationally

By Glorianna Davenport

The Vasimr Rocket

There used to be two types of rocket: powerful but fuel-guzzling, or efficient but weak. Now there is a third option that combines the advantages of both

By Franklin R. Chang Díaz

AIDS Drugs for Africa

By Carol Ezzell

The Odd Couple and the Bomb

Like a story by Victor Hugo as told to Neil Simon, the events leading up to the first controlled nuclear chain reaction involved accidental encounters among larger-than-life figures, especially two who did not exactly get along--but had to...

By William Lanouette


  • From the Editor

    From the Editors - Cloning and Conservation

  • Erratum

  • Letters


  • Recommended

    Politics and Plagues

  • Anti Gravity

    Smart Thinking

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: Census 1900, More Americans and More Electricity

  • Wonders

    Anniversary of Needles

  • In Brief

    Data Points: Medium Rare, Please

  • Profile

    The Caveman's New Clothes

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Spiral Slime

  • Amateur Scientist

    ARTIFICIAL LIFE: Boids of a Feather Flock Together

  • Science and the Citizen

    Dawn of a New Species?

  • Hooking up Biologists

  • Desert Fridge

  • Atlas Shrugged

  • Radioactive Wrecks

  • Robots in the Sky

  • Universal Soldier

  • Stifled Recall

  • Narcolepsy and the Lost Peptide

  • Broadcasting Space Warp

  • Digital Depictions

  • One Transgenic Latte, Coming Up

  • By the Numbers

    Voter Turnout

  • Working Knowledge

    DIAGNOSIS AT HOME: Pregnancy Tests

  • Connections


  • Cyber View

    Wholesale Computation

  • Technology and Business

    As We May Live

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