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Making Sense of Taste

How do cells on the tongue register the sensations of sweet, salty, sour and bitter? Scientists are finding out and discovering how the brain interprets these signals as various tastes

By David V. Smith and Robert F. Margolskee

A Sharper View of the Stars

A new generation of optical interferometers is letting astronomers study stars in 100 times finer detail than is possible with the Hubble Space Telescope

By Arsen R. Hajian and J. Thomas Armstrong

Sculpting the Earth from Inside Out

Powerful motions deep inside the planet do not merely shove fragments of the rocky shell horizontally around the globethey also lift and lower entire continents

By Michael Gurnis

If Humans Were Built to Last

PERSON DESIGNED FOR A HEALTHY OLD AGE might possess the features highlighted here, along with countless other external and internal adjustments.

By Bruce A. Carnes, Robert N. Butler and S. Jay Olshansky

Evolution: A Lizard's Tale

On some islands in the Caribbean, evolution seems to have taken the same turn-- over and over and over again

By Jonathan B. Losos

The Geography of Poverty and Wealth

Tropical climate and lack of access to sea rade have hurt the poorest nations. But new aid programs can point the way to prosperity

By Jeffrey D. Sachs, John L. Gallup and Andrew D. Mellinger


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