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Does the World Need GM Foods? Yes.
The Sciences

Does the World Need GM Foods? Yes.

By Sasha Nemecek
Virtually There
The Sciences

Virtually There

Three-dimensional tele-immersion may eventually bring the world to your desk

By Jaron Lanier
The Risks on the Table
The Sciences

The Risks on the Table

More than half the foods in U.S. supermarkets contain genetically modified ingredients. Have they been proved safe for human consumption?

By Karen Hopkin

Whose Blood is it Anyway?

Blood collected from umbilical cords and placentas-- which are usually thrown away following birth--contains stem cells that can rebuild the blood and immune systems of people with leukemia and other cancers...

By Ronald M. Kline

Seeds of Concern

Are genetically modified crops an environmental dream come true or a disaster in the making? Scientists are looking for answers

By Kathryn Brown

Does the World Need GM Foods? No.

Two leading figures in the debate over genetic engineering defend their stances

By Sasha Nemecek

Life's Rocky Start

Air, water and rock were the only raw materials available on the early earth. The first living entities must have been fabricated from these primitive resources. New experiments suggest that minerals the basic components of the rocks could have played starring roles in that dramatic feat...

By Robert M. Hazen

The Fury of Space Storms

Shock Waves From The Sun Can Trigger Severe Turbulence In The Space Around The Earth, Endangering Satellites And Astronauts In Orbit. Now a New Spacecraft Is Showing How Space Storms Develop...

By James L. Burch

Violent Pride

Do people turn violent because of self-hate, or self-love?

By Roy F. Baumeister


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    Do Animals Have Culture?

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    Colorful Pebbles and Darwin's Dictum

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    Charmed, I'm Sure

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    Data Points, April 2001

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