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A License for Copycats?

A License for Copycats?

A court decision may clarify what is patentable while giving a free ride to knockoffs

By Gary Stix

Solving the Mystery of Insect Flight

Insects use a combination of aerodynamic effects to remain aloft

By Michael Dickinson
The Himba and the Dam

The Himba and the Dam

A questionable act of progress may drown this African tribe's way of life. Similar dramas are playing out around the world

By Carol Ezzell

The Paradox of the Sun's Hot Corona

Like a boiling teakettle atop a COLD stove, the sun's HOT outer layers sit on the relatively cool surface. And now astronomers are FIGURING OUT WHY

By Bhola N. Dwivedi and Kenneth J. H. Phillips

Sign Language in the Brain

How does the human brain process language? New studies of deaf signers hint at an answer

By Edward S. Klima, Gregory Hickok and Ursula Bellugi

Hair: Why it Grows, Why it Stops

Scientists are rapidly discovering the molecules that control hair production. In so doing, they could be unearthing the key to combating both baldness and excessive hair growth

By Ricki L. Rusting


  • Dinos and Darwin

  • The American Terrorist

  • Boning Up

  • North to Mars!

  • A Low-Pollution Engine Solution

  • From the Editor

    From the Editors

  • Letters


  • Erratum

  • Advances

    A Touch of Poison

  • Galactic Archaeology

  • New Trick from Old Dog

  • Robotic Bombers

  • Save the Earth

  • Unfair Game

  • The Little Engine that Might

  • Not So Watery

  • Lucy, Meet Ken

  • Aborted Crime Wave, Part 2

  • Locating the Latent Enemy

  • Copy Unprotected

  • Skeptic

    Fox's Flapdoodle

  • Anti Gravity


  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago

  • In Brief

    Data Points - Get Your Proteins

  • Brief Bits, June 2001

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Alternating Liars

  • Profile

    Piloting through Uncharted Seas

  • Innovations

    The Mice That Warred

  • Technicalities

    Kibbles and Bytes

  • Working Knowledge

    Flight Control

  • Departments

    End Points

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June 2001

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