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The Truth and the Hype of Hypnosis
The Sciences

The Truth and the Hype of Hypnosis

Though often denigrated as fakery or wishful thinking, hypnosis has been shown to be a real phenomenon with a variety of therapeutic uses -- especially in controlling pain

By Michael R. Nash

How to Build a Hyper computer

The simulation and ultimate solution of humanity's major ills and most perplexing problems require significantly faster supercomputers

By Thomas Sterling

Making Molecules into Motors

Molecular turmoil, quantum craziness: microscopic machines must operate in a world gone mad. But if you can't beat the chaos, why not exploit it?

By R. Dean Astumian
Frozen <em>Light</em>
The Sciences

Frozen Light

Slowing a beam of light to a halt may pave the way for new optical communications technology, tabletop black holes and quantum computers

By Lene Vestergaard Hau


  • Napoleon's Revenge

  • Battling Biofilms

  • Fishy Business

  • From the Editor

    Air Traffic Out of Control

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  • Errata

  • Advances

    Sailing on Sunlight

  • Sigma Chi Chimpy

  • À Votre Sant

  • Fuel Cell Phones

  • Shrinking the Dead Zone

  • Bigger Snips of DNA

  • A Crush on Nitrogen

  • Going Ballistic

  • Dwindling Albedo

  • Born Again

  • The Flipper Effect

  • Recommended

    Our Evolving View of the Galápagos

  • Skeptic

    Starbucks in the Forbidden City

  • Anti Gravity

    Out of This World

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago

  • In Brief

    Data Points, July 2001

  • Brief Bits, July 2001

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Seeing Red, Feeling Blue

  • Voyages

    The Universe Atop a Mountain

  • Profile

    A Mind for Consciousness

  • Staking Claims

    Sounding Out Snipers

  • Innovations

    Builders of Light Pipes

  • By the Numbers

    In a Dry Land

  • Working Knowledge

    Tan or Burn

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    End Points

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