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Vessels of Death or Life

Angiogenesis¿the formation of new blood vessels¿might one day be manipulated to treat disorders from cancer to heart disease. First-generation drugs are now in the final phase of human testing

By Rakesh K. Jain and Peter Carmeliet
India, Pakistan and the Bomb
The Sciences

India, Pakistan and the Bomb

The Indian subcontinent is the most likely place in the world for a nuclear war

By M. V. Ramana and A. H. Nayyar

Photonic Crystals: Semiconductors of Light

Nanostructured materials containing ordered arrays of holes could lead to an optoelectronics revolution, doing for light what silicon did for electrons

By Eli Yablonovitch

How We Came to Be Human

The acquisition of language and the capacity for symbolic art may lie at the very heart of the extraordinary cognitive abilities that set us apart from the rest of creation

By Ian Tattersall

The First Stars in the Universe

Exceptionally massive and bright, the earliest stars changed the course of cosmic history

By Richard B. Larson and Volker Bromm


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    Here's Looking at You

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  • Erratum

  • Advances

    Special Report: Better Killing through Chemistry

  • Trillions Entwined

  • Evaluating the Threat

  • Reseizing the Controls

  • Stem Cell Showstopper?

  • Defusing Anthrax

  • Plague Redux

  • Cure or Poison?

  • Inside Attacks

  • Recommended

    Spontaneous, Unedited, Naked

  • Skeptic

    More Baloney Detection

  • Anti Gravity

    The Importance of Being Ernst

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago

  • In Brief

    The Nobel Prizes for 2001

  • Brief Bits, December 2001

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Fashion Gang

  • Profile

    Thawing Scott's Legacy

  • Staking Claims

    Patent Pamphleteer

  • Innovations

    The Undying Pulse

  • By the Numbers

    Why Do Prisons Grow?

  • Technicalities

    Long-Distance Robots

  • Working Knowledge

    In the Fast Lane--Working Knowledge on Electronic Toll Collection

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    Annual Index 2001

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