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The Gas between the Stars

The Gas between the Stars

Filled with colossal fountains of hotgas and vast bubbles blown by exploding stars, the interstellar medium is far more interesting than scientists once thought

By Ronald J. Reynolds
A Vertical Leap for Microchips

A Vertical Leap for Microchips

Engineers have discovered a way to pack more computing power into microcircuits: build them vertically as well as horizontally

By Thomas H. Lee

Misleading Math about the Earth

Science defends itself against The Skeptical Environmentalist

Next-Generation Nuclear Power

Advanced nuclear power plants might be the best way to meet future energy needs without worsening global warming

By James A. Lake, Ralph G. Bennett and John F. Kotek

The First Human Cloned Embryo

Cloned early-stage human embryos--and human embryos generated only from eggs, in a process called parthenogenesis--now put therapeutic cloning within reach

By Carol Ezzell, Jose B. Cibelli, Michael D. West and Robert P. Lanza

The Economics of Fair Play

Biology and economics may explain why we value fairness over rational selfishness

By Karl Sigmund, Ernst Fehr and Martin A. Nowak


  • Letters


  • Advances

    The World in a Box

  • Fractional Success

  • Beating Abuse

  • Taking Wing

  • Lockerbie Insurance

  • Innocence Lost

  • A Sea Change

  • Channel Crossings

  • Political Watershed

  • Swirling Dust

  • Warmed-Up Genes

  • Recommended

    The First Evolutionary Psychologist

  • Skeptic

    Shermer's Last Law

  • Anti Gravity

    Torre Adoring

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago

  • Perspectives

    Is nuclear power ready?

  • In Brief

    Data Points: Zapped

  • Brief Bits: January 2002

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Pinpointing a Polar Bear

  • Voyages

    The Glass House in the Desert

  • Profile

    Extreme Medicine

  • Staking Claims

    Seeing the Invisible

  • Innovations

    Mimicking Mother Nature

  • By the Numbers

    Going Solo

  • Working Knowledge

    Breathing Easier?

  • Ask the Experts

    End Points: January 2002

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