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Atherosclerosis: The New View

A long-held idea about how atherosclerosis develops has been overturned, offering clues to fighting this deadly disease

By Peter Libby

Extreme Light

Tabletop lasers focus light with the power of 1,000 Hoover Dams onto a tiny point for applications from physics and fusion research to medicine

By Gérard A. Mourou and Donald Umstadter
Journey to the Farthest Planet

Journey to the Farthest Planet

Scientists are finally preparing to send a spacecraft to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, the last unexplored region of our planetary system.

By S. Alan Stern

Rethinking Green Consumerism

Buying "green" products isn't enough to save biodiversity in the tropics. A plan for marketing conservation services may be the answer

By Jared Hardner and Richard Rice

The Mammals That Conquered the Seas

Using recently discovered fossils and DNA analyses, scientists are at last unraveling the mysterious evolutionary history of whales

By Kate Wong
Wireless Data Blaster
The Sciences

Wireless Data Blaster

Radio's oldest technology is providing a new way for portable electronics to transmit large quantities of data rapidly without wires.

By David G. Leeper


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    Meddling with Human Nature

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    The Exquisite Balance

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    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago

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    Data Points, May 2002

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    Defense in Depth

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    Trees of the Triassic

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    Survival in an Insecure World

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    IP Rights--and Wrongs

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    The Ultimate Clean Fuel

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    Ask the Experts, May 2002

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