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Skin Deep

Throughout the world, human skin color has evolved to bedark enough to prevent sunlight from destroying the nutrientfolate but light enough to foster the production of vitamin D

By Nina G. Jablonski and George Chaplin

Vehicle of Change

It's not just about transportation: the transition to fuel-cell cars could transform energy infrastructures and developing economies while helping the environment

By Lawrence D. Burns, J. Byron McCormick and Christopher E. Borroni-Bird

The Emptiest Places

Space comes in degrees of emptiness, but even in the wasteland between galaxies it is not a complete void

By Evan Scannapieco, Patrick Petitjean and Tom Broadhurst

Technology against Terror

Biologists and engineers are devising early-warning systems that can detect a bioterrorist attack in time to blunt its effects

By Rocco Casagrande

Controlling Robots with the Mind

People with nerve or limb injuries may one day be able to command wheelchairs, prosthetics and even paralyzed arms and legs by "thinking them through" the motions

By Miguel A. L. Nicolelis and John K. Chapin

The Vigilance Defense

Proven systems and well-prepared people are our best protection against bioterror

By Stephen S. Morse


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