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Weapons of Mass Disruption

Radiological terror weapons could blow radioactive dust through cities, causing panic, boosting cancer rates and forcing costly cleanups

By Michael A. Levi and Henry C. Kelly

The Long Arm of the Immune System

Dendritic cells catch invaders and tell the immune system whenand how to respond. Vaccinesdepend on them, and scientists areeven employing the cells to stir upimmunity against cancer

By Jacques Banchereau

When Stars Collide

When two stars smash into each other, it can be a very pretty sight (as long as you¿re not too close by). These occurrences were once considered impossible, but they have turned out to be common in certain galactic neighborhoods

By Michael Shara

Burning Questions

Scientists work to understand and control the plague of wildfires in the West

By Douglas Gantenbein

Gladiators: A New Order of Insect

A mystery in amber is solved on a desert mountain with a discovery that has stunned entomologists

By Joachim Adis, Oliver Zompro, Esther Moombolah-Goagoses and Eugène Marais


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