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Satellite-Guided Munitions

Highly accurate yet affordable strike weapons, proved in Afghanistan, are the latest upgrades to America's arsenal

By Michael Puttré

Drink to Your Health?

Three decades of research shows that drinking small to moderate amounts of alcohol has cardiovascular benefits. A thorny issue for physicians is whether to recommend drinking to some patients

By Arthur L. Klatsky

Evolving Inventions

Computer programs that function via Darwinian evolution are creating inventions that are novel and useful enough to be patented

By John R. Koza, Martin A. Keane and Matthew J. Streeter
Explaining Frog Deformities: How Parasites Can Cripple Frogs
The Sciences

Explaining Frog Deformities: How Parasites Can Cripple Frogs

By Andrew R. Blaustein and Pieter T.J. Johnson


Some stars are magnetized so intensely that they emit huge bursts of magnetic energy and alter the very nature of the quantum vacuum

By Chryssa Kouveliotou, Robert C. Duncan and Christopher Thompson


  • Why? The Neuroscience of Suicide [All-Access Subscribers Only]

  • Why? The Neuroscience of Suicide: Physical Clues to Suicide

  • Bad Medicine

  • Letters


  • Advances

    Scaled-Up Superposition

  • Storm before the Calm

  • T Cell Triumph

  • Greenhouse Suits

  • Nothing but Net

  • Water or Not?

  • Taking the Heat

  • Fire and Ice

  • The Olmec's Write Stuff

  • Regenerating the Heart

  • Recommended

    The Next Big Thing?

  • Skeptic

    Psychic Drift

  • Anti Gravity

    Sheer Lunacy

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    Old Fish -- New Cars -- Blue Light

  • Perspectives

    No Immunity to Pork

  • In Brief

    Data Points: Oil in Water

  • Brief Points: February 2003

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Five Trusty Flares

  • Profile

    The Reality of Race

  • Staking Claims

    Take a Number

  • Innovations

    Reverse-Engineering Clinical Biology

  • By the Numbers

    Religion in America

  • Technicalities

    Robots That Suck

  • Working Knowledge

    Carbon Copy

  • Departments

    Fuzzy Logic

  • Ask the Experts

    Ask the Experts: February 2003

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