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Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes: Mingled Signals
The Sciences

Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes: Mingled Signals

By Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Edward M. Hubbard

Scale-Free Networks

Scientists have recently discovered that various complex systems have an underlying architecture governed by shared organizing principles. This insight has important implications for a host of applications, from drug development to Internet security...

By Albert-László Barabási and Eric Bonabeau

The Orphan Drug Backlash

The Orphan Drug Act of 1983 was supposed to provide incentives for private industry to develop needed, but unprofitable, drugs to treat rare diseases. It has done so, but not without eliciting controversy...

By Thomas Maeder

Parallel Universes

Not just a staple of science fiction, other universes are a direct implication of cosmological observations

By Max Tegmark

The Iceman Reconsidered

Where was the Iceman's home and what was he doing at the high mountain pass where he died? Painstaking research--especially of plant remains found with the body--contradicts many of the initial speculations...

By James H. Dickson, Klaus Oeggl and Linda L. Handley


  • Letters


  • Erratum

  • Advances

    Spotty Defense

  • Sounding Off

  • Interstellar Pelting

  • A Man, a Plan, Spam

  • The Race Card

  • A Digital Slice of Pi

  • Pulling the Lever

  • Not So Happy Together

  • A Face in the Car Crowd

  • Insulin from Bone Marrow

  • Seeing Red

  • Packing 'Em On

  • Recommended

    Math's Most Wanted

  • Skeptic

    Show Me the Body

  • Anti Gravity

    Doing What Comes Unnaturally

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    Martian Reality ; Zeppelin Dreams ; Creationist Dogma

  • Perspectives

    Misguided Missile Shield

  • In Brief

    Data Points: May 2003

  • Brief Points: May 2003

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Bounded Regrets

  • Voyages

    Desert Metropolis

  • Staking Claims

    Make Your Own Rules

  • Innovations

    X-ray Proofing

  • By the Numbers

    Reducing Crime

  • Working Knowledge

    Catch a Wave

  • Departments

    Fuzzy Logic

  • Insights

    Wired Superstrings

  • Ask the Experts

    Ask the Experts: May 2003

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