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Planet of the Apes

During the Miocene epoch, as many as 100 species of apes roamed throughout the Old World. New fossils suggest that the ones that gave rise to living great apes and humans evolved not in Africa but Eurasia...

By David R. Begun

Information in the Holographic Universe

Theoretical results about black holes suggest that the universe could be like a gigantic hologram

By Jacob D. Bekenstein

Questioning the Delphic Oracle: Overview / An Intoxicating Tale

When science meets religion at this ancient Greek site, the two turn out to be on better terms than scholars had originally thought

By John R. Hale, Jelle Zeilinga de Boer, Jeffrey P. Chanton and Henry A. Spiller

Demystifying the Digital Divide

The simple binary notion of technology haves and have-nots doesn't quite compute

By Mark Warschauer

Bioengineered Plants

Rethinking the "Lesser Brain"

Long thought to be solely the brain's coordinator of body movement, the cerebellum is now known to be active during a wide variety of cognitive and perceptual activities

By James M. Bower and Lawrence M. Parsons


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  • Advances

    View from VIRGO

  • Hot Words

  • Sourcing Sapiens

  • Secret Ingredients

  • Deep Thoughts

  • Not So Friendly Hydrogen

  • Buzz Off, Heat

  • If U Cn Rd Ths . . .

  • Forced Attraction

  • Fueling Predictions

  • See under the Sea

  • Recommended

    Better Red Than Dead

  • Skeptic

    The Ignoble Savage

  • Anti Gravity

    This Is Only a Test

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    Fixing Dirt -- Atomic Revision -- Epidemic News

  • Perspectives

    Houston, You Have a Problem

  • In Brief

    Data Points: August 2003

  • Brief Points: August 2003

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Short Taps

  • Staking Claims

    What a Little Limeade Can Do

  • Innovations

    Hands of Light

  • By the Numbers

    Energy Crunch

  • Technicalities

    Converging on the Couch

  • Working Knowledge

    Seeing Green

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    Fuzzy Logic

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    Keeper of the Objects

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    Ask the Experts: August 2003

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