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Meltdown in the North

Sea ice and glaciers are melting, permafrost is thawing, tundra is yielding to shrubs--and scientists are struggling to understand how these changes will affect not just the Arctic but the entire planet...

By Matthew Sturm, Donald K. Perovich and Mark C. Serreze

Artificial Muscles

Novel motion-producing devices--actuators, motors, generators--based on polymers that change shape when stimulated electrically are nearing commercialization

By Steven Ashley
Tumor-Busting Viruses

Tumor-Busting Viruses

A new technique called virotherapy harnesses viruses, those banes of humankind, to stop another scourge--cancer

By Dirk M. Nettelbeck and David T. Curiel

The Economics of Child Labor

Campaigns against child labor are most likely to succeed when they combine the long arm of the law with the invisible hand of the marketplace

By Kaushik Basu
China's Great Leap Upward
The Sciences

China's Great Leap Upward

By boosting astronauts into orbit, China hopes to become the newest superpower in space

By James Oberg

The Unexpected Youth of Globular Clusters

Conventional wisdom says that globular star clusters are the stodgy old codgers of the universe, but it turns out that many of these clusters are young

By Stephen E. Zepf and Keith M. Ashman


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  • Advances

    Musical Medicine

  • Hormone Hysteria?

  • Return of the Fleece

  • Weight Watching

  • Vostok Pop Top

  • Leaning Left

  • Missing: One-Quarter Hydrogen

  • A Shot against West Nile

  • Barrier-Free Nanotubes

  • Rethinking Siberian Americans

  • Recommended

    Thinking inside the Box

  • Skeptic

    Remember the Six Billion

  • Anti Gravity

    What's Wrong with This Picture?

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    Edible Algae -- Safer Phosphorus -- Cheap Anthracite

  • Perspectives

    Biotech's Clean Slate

  • In Brief

    Data Points: October 2003

  • Brief Points: October 2003

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Strategic Bullying

  • Staking Claims

    Kick Me, Myself and I

  • Innovations

    Alchemy of a Supermetal

  • By the Numbers

    The Progress of Love

  • Technicalities

    The Infinite Arcade Machine

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    Cool Shirt

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    Fuzzy Logic

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    Cleaning Up after War

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    Ask the Experts: October 2003

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