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The Unseen Genome: Gems among the Junk

Just when scientists thought they had DNA almost figured out, they are discovering in chromosomes two vast, but largely hidden, layers of information that affect inheritance, development and disease

By W. Wayt Gibbs

Why We Sleep

The reasons that we sleep are gradually becoming less enigmatic

By Jerome M. Siegel

Flying on Flexible Wings

Future aircraft may fly more like birds, adapting the geometries of their wings to best suit changing flight conditions

By Steven Ashley

Stranger in a New Land

Stunning finds in the Republic of Georgia upend long-standing ideas about the first hominids to journey out of Africa

By Kate Wong

An Army of Small Robots

For robot designers these days, small is beautiful

By Robert Grabowski, Luis E. Navarro-Serment and Pradeep K. Khosla

The Asteroid Tugboat

To prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth, a space tug equipped with plasma engines could give it a push

By Russell L. Schweickart, Edward T. Lu, Piet Hut and Clark R. Chapman


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