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Decoding Schizophrenia

Decoding Schizophrenia

A fuller understanding of signaling in the brain of people with this disorder offers new hope for improved therapy

By Daniel C. Javitt and Joseph T. Coyle
Our Growing, Breathing Galaxy

Our Growing, Breathing Galaxy

Long assumed to be a relic of the distant past, the Milky Way turns out to be a dynamic, living object

By Bart P. Wakker and Philipp Richter

Spring Forward

As temperatures rise sooner in spring, interdependent species in many ecosystems are shifting dangerously out of sync

By Daniel Grossman

The Curious History of the First Pocket Calculator

By Cliff Stoll

Atoms of Space and Time

We perceive space and time to be continuous, but if the amazing theory of loop quantum gravity is correct, they actually come in discrete pieces

By Lee Smolin

RFID: A Key to Automating Everything

Already common in security systems and tollbooths, radio-frequency identification tags and readers stand poised to take over many processes now accomplished by human toil

By Roy Want

Women and Men at Çatalhöyük

The largest known Neolithic settlement yields clues about the roles played by the two sexes in early agricultural societies

By Ian Hodder


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  • Advances

    Planning for Prestige

  • NECTAR for Your Health

  • String Theory

  • Aching Atrophy

  • Seeing Single Photons

  • Holding in Suspense

  • Slip and Slide

  • Gut Feeling

  • Blasts, Bursts and Flashes

  • A Pulse for Magnetic Memory

  • Snoop Tube

  • Recommended

    Metaphorical Suns...

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  • Anti Gravity

    Check Those Figures

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    Stone Age Treasure--Air Age Optimism-- Petrochemical Light

  • Perspectives

    Can Biologists Be Trusted?

  • In Brief

    Data Points: January 2004

  • Brief Points: January 2004

  • Puzzling Adventures

    Verifying Your Circuits

  • Voyages

    A Great Echelon of Birds

  • Staking Claims

    In Search of Better Patents

  • Innovations

    Supercharging Protein Manufacture

  • By the Numbers

    Living Together

  • Working Knowledge

    Phantom Gain

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    Fuzzy Logic

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    Why Machines Should Fear

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    Ask the Experts: January 2004

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