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Questions That Plague Physics: A Conversation with Lawrence M. Krauss

Questions That Plague Physics: A Conversation with Lawrence M. Krauss

Lawrence M. Krauss speaks about unfinished business

Virtual-Reality Therapy

Virtual-Reality Therapy

Patients can get relief from pain or overcome their phobias by immersing themselves in computer-generated worlds

By Hunter G. Hoffman

Next Stretch for Plastic Electronics

Organic semiconductor devices can make more than just bendable displays. They will find use in wearable electronics, chemical sensors, skin for robots and innumerable other applications...

By Graham P. Collins

Electrodynamic Tethers in Space

By exploiting fundamental physical laws, tethers may provide low-cost electrical power, drag, thrust, and artificial gravity for spaceflight

By Enrico Lorenzini and Juan Sanmartín

Nuclear Bunker Buster Bombs

New burrowing nuclear weapons could destroy subterranean military facilities--but their strategic and tactical utility is questionable

By Michael Levi

Arsenic Crisis in Bangladesh

Arsenic in drinking water could severely poison 50 million people worldwide. Strategies being tested in Bangladesh might help prevent the problem

By A. Mushtaque R. Chowdhury

Back to the Future of Cereals

Genomic studies of the world's major grain crops, together with a technology called marker-assisted breeding, could yield a new green revolution

By Stephen A. Goff and John M. Salmeron


  • Letters


  • Erratum

  • Advances

    A Plan for Water

  • Bumpy Flying

  • Sloshing in Space

  • Anonymous Trust

  • May Cause Wakefulness

  • I Don't Brake for Bogotá

  • Salmon versus Salmon

  • Sexual Healing

  • Soaping up without Guilt

  • Machine Made

  • Recommended

    Speaking for the Animals

  • Skeptic

    Miracle on Probability Street

  • Anti Gravity

    One Hundred Years of Magnitude

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    Oppenheimer Judged -- Kelvin Corrected -- Agassiz Contradicted

  • Perspectives

    The Green Gene Revolution

  • In Brief

    Data Points: SetiHome at Five

  • Brief Points: August 2004

  • Innovations

    Penny-wise Smart Labels

  • By the Numbers

    Middle of the Country

  • Technicalities

    Crippled but Not Crashed

  • Working Knowledge

    Seeing Inside

  • Insights

    From Finish to Start

  • Ask the Experts

    Ask the Experts: August 2004

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