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Controlling Hurricanes
The Sciences

Controlling Hurricanes

Can hurricanes and other severe tropical storms be moderated or deflected?

By Ross N. Hoffman

Hitting the Genetic Off Switch

A host of start-ups is speeding development of a new class of drugs that block the action of RNA

By Gary Stix

The Internet of Things

The principles that gave rise to the Internet are now leading to a new kind of network of everyday devices, an "Internet-0"

By Neil Gershenfeld, Raffi Krikorian and Danny Cohen

A Universe of Disks

New research reveals the dynamics of the spinning disks of gas that surround young stars and gargantuan black holes

By Omer Blaes

The Hidden Genetic Program of Complex Organisms

Biologists assumed that proteins alone regulate the genes of humans and other complex organisms. But an overlooked regulatory system based on RNA may hold the keys to development and evolution...

By John S. Mattick
Fixing the Vote

Fixing the Vote

Electronic voting machines promise to make elections more accurate than ever before, but only if certain problems--with the machines and the wider electoral process--are rectified

By Ted Selker

Dying to See

Studies of the lens of the eye not only could reveal ways to prevent cataracts but also might illuminate the biology of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other diseases in which cells commit suicide...

By Ralf Dahm


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  • Advances

    The Service of Siblings

  • Hawking a Theory

  • An Uncertain Defense

  • Surf's Up-Way Up

  • Fever in, Schizophrenia Out

  • Whale Today, Gone to Marrow

  • Trout from Salmon

  • Francis Crick, 1916-2004

  • The Phantom Menace

  • Skeptic

    The Myth Is the Message

  • Anti Gravity

    Six-Legged Cinema

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    Crick and DNA -- Water Trumps Steam -- Whaling and Cholera

  • Perspectives

    Breathing Difficulties

  • In Brief

    Data Points: October 2004

  • Brief Points: October 2004

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    Faith-Boosting Genes

  • By the Numbers

    Energy Geopolitics

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    Gadget Envy

  • Working Knowledge

    Shock Absorbed: Making Cities Earthquake Proof

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    Father of Spirit and Opportunity

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    Ask the Experts

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