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The Littlest Human

A spectacular find in Indonesia reveals that a strikingly different hominid shared the earth with our kind in the not so distant past

By Kate Wong

Making Memories Stick

Some moments become lasting recollections while others just evaporate. The reason may involve the same processes that shape our brains to begin with

By R. Douglas Fields

Atom Chips

Magnetic fi elds on a microchip can produce tiny, coherent clouds of atoms called Bose-Einstein condensates. The chips could have uses in ultraprecise sensors for aircraft and in quantum computing...

By Jakob Reichel

An Endangered Species in the Stomach

Is the decline of Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium living in the human stomach since time immemorial, good or bad for public health?

By Martin J. Blaser

Seeking Better Web Searches

Deluged with superfluous responses to online queries, users will soon benefit from improved search engines that deliver customized results

By Javed Mostafa


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