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If Smallpox Strikes Portland ...

"Episims" unleashes virtual plagues in real cities to see how social networks spread disease. That knowledge might help stop epidemics

By Chris L. Barrett, Stephen G. Eubank and James P. Smith

Inventor of Dreams

Nikola Tesla, the father of today's AC electrical system and other key inventions, often failed to bring his visionary ideas to real-world fruition

By W. Bernard Carlson

Taming Lupus

Teasing out the causes of this autoimmune disorder is a daunting challenge. But the payoff should be better, more specific treatments

By Moncef Zouali

How Did Humans First Alter Global Climate?

A bold new hypothesis suggests that our ancestors' farming practices kicked off global warming thousands of years before we started burning coal and driving cars

By William F. Ruddiman

On the Road to Fuel-Cell Cars

Although fleets of fuel-cell prototypes are hitting the streets, basic technical and market obstacles must be hurdled before the clean, hydrogen-powered cars reach dealer showrooms

By Steven Ashley

Endangered Wild Equids

Wild zebra, asses and horses are being killed for meat, medicine and money. Combined with vanishing habitats and naturally slow reproduction, such predation threatens remaining populations...

By Patricia D. Moehlman


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