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The Many Faces of Mars

One rover found an ancient desert; the other, a once watery world. The Red Planet's diversity rivals Earth's

By Philip R. Christensen

The Mysteries of Mass

Physicists are hunting for an elusive particle that would reveal the presence of a new kind of field that permeates all of reality. Finding that Higgs field will give us a more complete understanding about how the universe works...

By Gordon Kane

Simulating Ancient Societies

Computer modeling is helping unravel the archaeological mysteries of the American Southwest

By Timothy A. Kohler, George J. Gumerman and Robert G. Reynolds

Shrinking Circuits with Water

Semiconductor manufacturers are giving their products a dousing in the name of faster, smaller, cheaper

By Gary Stix

Can We Bury Global Warming?

Pumping carbon dioxide underground to avoid warming the atmosphere is feasible, but only if several key challenges can be met

By Robert H. Socolow


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