• The Forgotten Era of Brain Chips

    The work of Jose Delgado, a pioneering star in brain-stimulation research four decades ago, goes largely unacknowledged today. What happened?

    John Horgan| October 1, 2005|

  • Smart Wi-Fi

    Smart Wi-Fi

    Wireless access to the Internet via Wi-Fi is increasingly popular, so the technology is being upgraded to ensure that users get prompt, reliable service

    Alex Hills| October 1, 2005|

  • Ripples in a Galactic Pond

    Astronomers are coming to realize that the beautiful shapes of galaxies are not merely incidental. They are essential to the galaxies' growth and development

    Françoise Combes| October 1, 2005|

  • New Bull's-Eyes for Drugs

    A familiar class of cell-surface receptors turns out to offer an array of fresh targets that could yield new treatments for disorders ranging from HIV infection to obesity

    Terry Kenakin| October 1, 2005|

  • Founder Mutations

    A special class of genetic mutations that often cause human disease is enabling scientists to trace the migration and growth of specific human populations over thousands of years

    Dennis Drayna| October 1, 2005|

  • Better Than a Dog

    The search is on for a sensor that bests a canine at detecting explosives

    Gary Stix| October 1, 2005|

  • A Cool Early Earth?

    A Cool Early Earth?

    The textbook view that the earth spent its first half a billion years drenched in magma could be wrong. The surface may have cooled quickly--with oceans, nascent continents and the opportunity for life to form much earlier

    John W. Valley| October 1, 2005|

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