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The Forgotten Era of Brain Chips

The work of Jose Delgado, a pioneering star in brain-stimulation research four decades ago, goes largely unacknowledged today. What happened?

By John Horgan

New Bull's-Eyes for Drugs

A familiar class of cell-surface receptors turns out to offer an array of fresh targets that could yield new treatments for disorders ranging from HIV infection to obesity

By Terry Kenakin

Founder Mutations

A special class of genetic mutations that often cause human disease is enabling scientists to trace the migration and growth of specific human populations over thousands of years

By Dennis Drayna

Better Than a Dog

The search is on for a sensor that bests a canine at detecting explosives

By Gary Stix

A Cool Early Earth?

The textbook view that the earth spent its first half a billion years drenched in magma could be wrong. The surface may have cooled quickly--with oceans, nascent continents and the opportunity for life to form much earlier...

By John W. Valley

Ripples in a Galactic Pond

Astronomers are coming to realize that the beautiful shapes of galaxies are not merely incidental. They are essential to the galaxies' growth and development

By Françoise Combes

Smart Wi-Fi

Wireless access to the Internet via Wi-Fi is increasingly popular, so the technology is being upgraded to ensure that users get prompt, reliable service

By Alex Hills


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