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Plasma Accelerators

A new method of particle acceleration in which the particles "surf" on a wave of plasma promises to unleash a wealth of applications

By Chandrashekhar Joshi

Owning the Stuff of Life

Patents on DNA have not caused the severe disruption of biomedical research and societal norms anticipated by critics. But the deluge may be yet to come

By Gary Stix

Miniaturized Power

With nanobatteries, power sources finally shrink with the rest of electronics

By Charles Q. Choi

Intrigue at the Immune Synapse

Images of interacting immune cells reveal structured connections similar to the ones neurons use to communicate. Studying these synapses is providing new insights into how the cells form an information-sharing network to fight disease

By Daniel M. Davis

Thwarting Nuclear Terrorism

Many civilian research reactors contain highly enriched uranium that terrorists could use to build nuclear bombs

By Alexander Glaser and Frank N. von Hippel


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February 2006

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