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Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity Genes

A handful of genes that control the body's defenses during hard times can also dramatically improve health and prolong life in diverse organisms. Understanding how they work may reveal the keys to extending human life span while banishing diseases of old age...

By David A. Sinclair and Lenny Guarente

The Limits of Reason

Ideas on complexity and randomness originally suggested by Gottfried W. Leibniz in 1686, combined with modern information theory, imply that there can never be a "theory of everything" for all of mathematics...

By Gregory Chaitin

Shielding Space Travelers

The perils of cosmic rays pose severe, perhaps insurmountable, hurdles to human spaceflight to Mars and beyond

By Eugene N. Parker

Little Green Molecules

Chemists have invented a new class of catalysts that can destroy some of the worst pollutants before they get into the environment

By Terrence J. Collins and Chip Walter

Cognitive Radio

Smart radios and other new wireless devices will avoid transmission bottlenecks by switching instantly to nearby frequencies that they sense are clear

By Steven Ashley

The Dangers of Ocean Acidification

Much of the carbon dioxide given off from the burning of fossil fuels goes into the ocean, where it changes the acid balance of seawater. The repercussions for marine life may be enormous...

By Scott C. Doney


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