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Blockbuster Dreams

New understanding of the biology behind a successful cancer therapy may lead to a drug that can treat an array of solid tumors

By Gary Stix

When Slide Rules Ruled

Before electronic calculators, the mechanical slide rule dominated scientific and engineering computation

By Cliff Stoll

Shutting Down Alzheimer's

New research reveals strategies for blocking the molecular processes that lead to this memory-destroying disease

By Michael S. Wolfe

Giant Telescopes of the Future

The astronomical version of Moore's law says that telescopes double in size every few decades. But today's designers think they can build a telescope three, five or even 10 times bigger within a decade...

By Roberto Gilmozzi

Bringing DNA Computers to Life

Tapping the computing power of biological molecules gives rise to tiny machines that can speak directly to living cells

By Ehud Shapiro and Yaakov Benenson

The Birth of the Mighty Amazon

Insight into how the world's largest river formed is helping scientists explain the extraordinary abundance of plant and animal life in the Amazon rain forest

By Carina Hoorn

The Rise of Renewable Energy

Solar cells, wind turbines and biofuels are poised to become major energy sources. New policies could dramatically accelerate that evolution

By Daniel M. Kammen


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