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The Science behind Sudoku

Solving a Sudoku puzzle requires no math, not even arithmetic. Even so, the game poses a number of intriguing mathematical problems

By Jean-Paul Delahaye

Wading in Waste

Thanks to unchecked development along America's coasts, disease-causing microbes are increasingly fouling beaches and shellfish beds

By Michael A. Mallin

A New Assault on HIV

The constant search for weak points in the virus yields ideas for a wholly new class of drug

By Gary Stix

Toward Better Pain Control

Advances in understanding the cells and molecules that transmit pain signals are providing new targets for drugs that could relieve various kinds of pain--including those poorly controlled by existing therapies

By Allan I. Basbaum and David Julius

Engineering Life: Building a FAB for Biology

Principles and practices learned from engineering successes can help transform biotechnology from a specialized craft into a mature industry

By Ron Weiss, Joseph Jacobson, Paul Modrich, Jim Collins, George Church, Christina Smolke, Drew Endy, David Baker and Jay Keasling


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