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CSI: The Reality

Attorneys, investigators and educators have felt the impact of television's popular forensics programs

By Max M. Houck

Stem Cells: The Real Culprits in Cancer?

A dark side of stem cells--their potential to turn malignant--is at the root of a handful of cancers and may be the cause of many more. Eliminating the disease could depend on tracking down and destroying these elusive killer cells...

By Michael F. Clarke and Michael W. Becker

The Quest for the Superlens

Built from "metamaterials" with bizarre, controversial optical properties, a superlens could produce images that include details finer than the wavelength of light that is used...

By John B. Pendry and David R. Smith

A Power Grid for the Hydrogen Economy

Cryogenic, superconducting conduits could be connected into a "SuperGrid" that would simultaneously deliver electrical power and hydrogen fuel

By Paul M. Grant, Chauncey Starr and Thomas J. Overbye

What Birds See

Evolution has endowed birds with a system of color vision that surpasses that of all mammals, including humans

By Timothy H. Goldsmith

Hubble's Top 10

As they wait for the space telescope to be serviced one last time, astronomers reflect on its discoveries over the past 16 years

By Mario Livio


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