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An Efficient Solution

Wasting less energy is the quickest, least expensive way to stem carbon emissions

By Eberhard K. Jochem

Plan B for Energy

If efficiency improvements and incremental advances in today's technologies fail to halt global warming, could revolutionary new carbon-free energy sources save the day? Don't count on it--but don't count it out, either...

By W. Wayt Gibbs

High Hopes for Hydrogen

Using hydrogen to fuel cars may eventually slash oil consumption and carbon emissions, but it will take some time

By Joan Ogden

A Plan to Keep Carbon in Check

Getting a grip on greenhouse gases is daunting but doable. The technologies already exist. But there is no time to lose

By Robert H. Socolow and Stephen W. Pacala

The Nuclear Option

A threefold expansion of nuclear power could contribute significantly to staving off climate change by avoiding one billion to two billion tons of carbon emissions annually

By John M. Deutch and Ernest J. Moniz

What to Do about Coal

Cheap, plentiful coal is expected to fuel power plants for the foreseeable future, but can we keep it from devastating the environment?

By David G. Hawkins, Daniel A. Lashof and Robert H. Williams


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