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A new mode of locomotion will enable mobile robots to stand tall and move gracefully through busy everyday environments

By Ralph Hollis

How to Blow Up a Star

It is not as easy as you would think. Models of supernovae have failed to reproduce these explosions--until recently

By Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Hans-Thomas Janka and Ewald Müller

The Promise of Molecular Imprinting

Tiny plastic imprints and mimics of biological molecules are poised to speed drug discovery, warn of bioterror attacks and remove toxins from the environment, among other applications

By Klaus Mosbach

Impact from the Deep

Strangling heat and gases emanating from the earth and sea, not asteroids, most likely caused several ancient mass extinctions. Could the same killer-greenhouse conditions build once again?...

By Peter D. Ward

Peacekeepers of the Immune System

Regulatory T cells, only recently proven to exist, keep the body's defenses from attacking the body itself. Manipulations of these cells could offer new treatments for conditions ranging from diabetes to organ rejection...

By Zoltan Fehervari and Shimon Sakaguchi

Viral Nanoelectronics

M.I.T. breeds viruses that coat themselves in selected substances, then self-assemble into such devices as liquid crystals, nanowires and electrodes

By Philip E. Ross


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