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Seeing with Superconductors

Tiny devices made of superconducting material that act as superb sensors of photons and other particles are revolutionizing a wide range of research and technology fields

By Kent D. Irwin

Malware Goes Mobile

Computer viruses are now airborne, infecting mobile phones in every part of the globe. Security companies, cellular operators and phone makers are moving to quash these threats before they spiral out of control...

By Mikko Hypponen

Reviving Dead Zones

How can we restore coastal seas ravaged by runaway plant and algae growth caused by human activities?

By Laurence Mee

The Origin of the Greek Constellations

Astronomy and archaeology have together uncovered the history of how the star pictures came to be--and how people have used them over time

By Bradley E. Schaefer

Mirrors in the Mind

A special class of brain cells reflects the outside world, revealing a new avenue for human understanding, connecting and learning

By Giacomo Rizzolatti, Leonardo Fogassi and Vittorio Gallese


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The Essential Guide to the Modern World