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The Red Planet's Watery Past

New observations by rovers and orbiters indicate that liquid water not only existed on Mars, it once covered large parts of the planet's surface, perhaps for more than a billion years

By Jim Bell

The Ultimate White Light

"Supercontinuum" laser light has enabled the most precise frequency and time measurements ever and might drive optical data transmission rates to record speeds

By Robert R. Alfano

Lucy's Baby

An extraordinary new human fossil renews debate over the evolution of upright walking

By Kate Wong

Cancer Clues from Pet Dogs

Studies of pet dogs with cancer can offer unique help in the fight against human malignancies while also improving care for man's best friend

By David J. Waters and Kathleen Wildasin

Seeking the Neural Code

Learning how rats escape from cats also reveals how a storm of electrical pulses sweeping across the brain is translated into information

By Miguel A. L. Nicolelis and Sidarta Ribeiro

Weighty Matters

The century-old artifact that defines the kilogram, the fundamental unit of mass, is to be replaced by a more accurate standard based on an invariant property of nature

By Ian Robinson

Swiss Re

Zurich, Switzerland A top insurer highlights the dire consequences that could result from global warming

By JR Minkel

Angela Belcher

Massachusetts Institute of Technology This eclectic investigator draws inspiration from nature's genius for building things at the nanoscale

By JR Minkel

Al Gore

U.S. Vice President The former presidential candidate is the preeminent spokesperson on climate change

By JR Minkel and Gary Stix

On the Road to Green

Chemists and automakers mark progress toward environmentally benign fuels and vehicles

By Steven Ashley

Unlocking Alzheimer's

Understanding the workings of a key protein may presage treatments

By Christine Soares

Beginning to See the Light

Two-dimensional light waves point toward optical imaging of viruses and the Invisible Man

By George Musser

Growing Replacement Parts

Bioengineers can now cultivate blood vessels and other tissues from scratch

By Gary Stix and Brie Finegold

Robots on the Move

Improved mathematical models and sensors endow robots with enhanced mobility

By Brie Finegold

Material Progress

Designers have crafted new structures ranging from nanorods to mimics of mother-of-pearl

By Charles Q. Choi

Sight Savers

Technology that could help the blind see is now in the laboratory

By Charles Q. Choi


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