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Molecular Lego

A modest collection of small building blocks enables the design and manufacture of nanometer-scale structures programmed to have virtually any shape desired

By Christian E. Schafmeister

The Universe's Invisible Hand

Dark energy does more than hurry along the expansion of the universe. It also has a stranglehold on the shape and spacing of galaxies

By Christopher J. Conselice

Making Silicon Lasers

Scientists have at last persuaded silicon to emit laser beams. In a few years, computers and other devices will handle light as well as electrons

By Bahram Jalali

Methane, Plants and Climate Change

The surprising recent finding that living plants produce methane does not throw doubt on the cause of global warming. Human activities--not plants--are the source of the surge in this and other greenhouse gases...

By Frank Keppler and Thomas Röckmann

Spice Healer

An ingredient in curry shows promise for treating Alzheimer's, cancer and other diseases

By Gary Stix

Tracking an Ancient Killer

The case was cold--the bones in the mass grave were 70 million years old. But critical clues pointed to the killer's identity

By Raymond R. Rogers and David W. Krause

Digital TV at Last?

Analog TV broadcasting is set to end in two years, but its legacy could make the digital transition anything but smooth

By Michael Antonoff


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