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Black Hole Blowback

A single black hole, smaller than the solar system, can control the destiny of an entire cluster of galaxies

By Wallace Tucker, Harvey Tananbaum and Andrew Fabian

New Predictors of Disease

Molecules called predictive autoantibodies appear in the blood years before people show symptoms of various disorders. Tests that detected these molecules could warn of the need to take preventive action

By Abner Louis Notkins

Illusory Color and the Brain

Novel illusions suggest that the brain does not separate perception of color from perception of form and depth

By John S. Werner, Baingio Pinna and Lothar Spillmann

Down Go the Dams

Many dams are being torn down these days, allowing rivers and the ecosystems they support to rebound. But ecological risks abound as well. Can they be averted?

By Jane C. Marks

Diesels Come Clean

Improved engines and exhaust scrubbers, combined with a new fuel, willmake energy-efficient diesels nearly as green as hybrids

By Steven Ashley

Mapping the Cancer Genome

Pinpointing the genes involved in cancer will help chart a new course across the complex landscape of human malignancies

By Francis S. Collins and Anna D. Barker


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March 2007

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