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The Promise of Plasmonics

A technology that squeezes electromagnetic waves into minuscule structures may yield a new generation of superfast computer chips and ultrasensitive molecular detectors

By Harry A. Atwater

The Movies in Our Eyes

The retina processes information much morethan anyone has ever imagined, sending a dozen different movies to the brain

By Frank Werblin and Botond Roska

The Ghosts of Galaxies Past

Strangely moving stars may be the remnants of past galaxies devoured by our Milky Way

By Rodrigo Ibata and Brad Gibson

Just How Smart Are Ravens?

Recent experiments show that these birds use logic to solve problems and that some of their abilities approach or even surpass those of the great apes

By Bernd Heinrich and Thomas Bugnyar

A Cure for Rabies?

The survival of a Wisconsin teenager who contracted rabies may point the way to a treatment for this horrifying disease

By Rodney E. Willoughby Jr.


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