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Eyes Open, Brain Shut

New brain-imaging techniques are giving researchers a better understanding of patients in the vegetative state

By Steven Laureys

The Mystery of Methane on Mars and Titan

It might mean life, it might mean unusual geologic activity; whichever it is, the presence of methane in the atmospheres of Mars and Titan is one of the most tantalizing puzzles in our solar system...

By Sushil K. Atreya

South America's Missing Mammals

Startling fossil discoveries in the Chilean Andes reveal an unexpected menagerie of unique mammals that once roamed South America. The finds also overturn long-held wisdom about the continent's geologic history...

By John J. Flynn, André R. Wyss and Reynaldo Charrier

Carbon Nanonets Spark New Electronics

Random networks of tiny carbon tubes could make possible low-cost, flexible devices such as "electronic paper" and printable solar cells

By George Gruner

Preventing Blackouts

A smarter power grid that automatically responds to problems could reduce the rising number of debilitating blackouts

By Massoud Amin and Phillip F. Schewe

Chromosomal Chaos and Cancer

Current wisdom on the role of genes in malignancy may not explain some features of cancer, but stepping back to look at the bigger picture inside cells reveals a view that just might

By Peter Duesberg


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