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Race in a Bottle

Drugmakers are eager to develop medicines targeted at ethnic groups, but so far they have made poor choices based on unsound science

By Jonathan Kahn

Future Farming: A Return to Roots?

Large-scale agriculture would become more sustainable if major crop plants lived for years and built deep root systems

By Jerry D. Glover, Cindy M. Cox and John P. Reganold

The Physical Science behind Climate Change

Why are climatologists so highly confident that human activities are dangerously warming the earth?

By William Collins, Robert Colman, James Haywood, Martin R. Manning and Philip Mote

The Shark's Electric Sense

An astonishingly sensitive detector of electric fields helps sharks zero in on prey

By R. Douglas Fields

Predicting Wildfires

Fires are burning more acres than ever. Where will the next blazes ignite? Can we prevent them? Should we?

By Patricia Andrews, Mark Finney and Mark Fischetti

Windows on the Mind

Once scorned as nervous tics, certain tiny, unconscious flicks of the eyes now turn out to underpin much of our ability to see. These movements may even re?veal subliminal thoughts

By Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik


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