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Evolutionary Origins of Your Right and Left Brain

The division of labor by the two cerebral hemispheres—once thought to be uniquely human—predates us by half a billion years. Speech, right-handedness, facial recognition and the processing of spatial relations can be traced to brain asymmetries in early vertebrates...

By Peter F. MacNeilage, Lesley J. Rogers and Giorgio Vallortigara

Grassoline: Biofuels beyond Corn

Scientists are turning agricultural leftovers, wood and fast-growing grasses into a huge variety of biofuels—even jet fuel. But before these next-generation biofuels go mainstream, they have to compete with oil at $60 a barrel...

By George W. Huber and Bruce E. Dale

Forensic Tools Battle Ivory Poachers

The illegal slaughter of African elephants for ivory is now worse than it was at its peak in the 1980s. New forensic tools based on DNA analysis can help stop the cartels behind this bloody trade...

By Samuel K. Wasser, Bill Clark and Cathy Laurie


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